Thursday, May 28, 2009

Smile and Say No Photoshop

I hope this is a trend.  Photographer Peter Linbergh's non photoshopped covers for French Elle.
Read the NYT article, Smile and Say No Photoshop.

Also, in the excellent LENS blog, the Three Faces of Reese.  Can you see the changes in Reese Witherspoon's chin, dimples and eye color?

More from the Elle news blog.

Monica Belluci Photo by Peter Lindbergh

Monica Belluci Photo by Peter Lindbergh


  1. Hello Matt!
    It was great to meet you yesterday! Definitely one of the more interesting people there. I saw this story recently and was pleasantly surprised. Will you email me some of the shots you took yesterday? My email's And I'm really interested in seeing some of the other shots you got as well. Just anything cool. You should post. =)

  2. with a beautiful model like monica photoshop is easy, (absolutely love that first photo) will have to do more to tempt me away from my pen and tablet :P

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